DNA Profiling Negative and Positive

The Positive And Negative Effects of DNA Profiling
Genetic engineering has developed and blossomed at a frightening rate inthe last decade. Originating as merely an area of interest for scientists,genetic engineering has now become an area of which all people should besomewhat knowledgeable. DNA profiling has many uses, both positive and negative, in our society.Aside from its usefulness in many legal investigations, DNA profiling can beused in the workplace to discriminate against employees whose profiles couldpose a financial risk. For example, genetic technology can and has been used todetermine the capacity of a person to contract certain diseases, such as sickle-cell anemia, which could cause many employers to hesitate in the hiring andtraining of such people. In the early 1970’s, the United States began a carrierscreening for sickle-cell anemia, which affects 1 in 400 African-Americans. Many of those identified as carriers mistakenly thought they were afflicted withthis debilitating disease. Furthermore, confidentiality was often breached, andin some cases, carriers were discriminated against and denied health insurance.Nevertheless, genetic profiling has been beneficial in paternity suits and rapecases, where the father or the assailant could be identified. However, despiteits growing number of utilizations, DNA profiling is extremely hazardous whenresults are inaccurate or used to discriminate. The frequency of genetic testing in criminal investigations (more than1,000 in the U.S. since 1987) has been increasing dramatically despite theinconclusive testing by the scientific community in many aspects of forensicidentification. A correlation between DNA patterns taken from a crime scene andtaken from the suspect has often been enough to charge a person with the offensein spite of proof that some procedures for testing DNA are fallible by legal andscientific standards. The complexity of scientific evidence, especially DNA profi…

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