Dmitri Mendeleev

Hello.My name is Dmitri Mendeleev.As you probably know I was the creator of the Periodic Table of the Elements.For those of you that don't know what that is, the table of elements is an arrangement of different chemicals that are arranged in Atomic Weight order.I also left space for 3 new chemicals that were yet to be discovered.It shows what kind of power it has and other things about each chemical.Well, now that you know what I did, I'll tell you a little bit about myself.I was born in Tobolsk, Siberia in the year of 1834.I went to school at St. Petersburg University and Graduated in 1856. After graduation I went on to research and arrange the periodic table of the elements, I also wrote and published a 2 volume chemistry book entitled Principles of Chemistry because there wasn't a thorough chemistry book at the time to learn out of.
If you look at the periodic table of elements for thefirst time, you might get a little confused.I know, I know that's my fault but after this paper you should know what I was doing.When Ifirst realized that there were things that made up organisms or objects that were around us, I wondered what they could be.So I set out and figured out the missing pieces of the puzzle.After looking at pieces of evidence and organisms I had a thought that these might be the keys to unlock the findings of the "things".So, as any good scientist would do, I put the elements in order by writing characteristics of different elements on note cards and then placing them by each other. On the note cards I wrote such things as melting points, densities, colors, atomic masses (the average mass of one atom of that element), and bonding powers (the number of chemical bonds an element can form). I placed them by each other many different ways to figure find a pattern.Finally I realized that patterns occurred when they were in order of atomic mass.Such things were that …

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