Divorce and family deterioration

My mother was a loving housewife.With a great deal of patience, she diligently carried the weight of our needs on her strong shoulders.Like most women of her time it was the social norm for the husband to be the "breadwinner" and for the wife to take care of the home.These roles have changed over the years with the increased involvement of married women in the work force.The effects of a married women's employment can have adverse consequences that has lead to a rise in divorce and deterioration of the family household.
Fighting for one's marriage was strongly encouraged in the past.Divorce was generally frowned upon like a sickness.Views regarding divorce have changed over the years.I can remember the advice my grandmother would give my mom whenever marital distraught threatened her life.She would tell mom, "He's your husband and you need to work things out!"The ease of filing for divorce has become the immediate "quick fix" to the problems we're facing today.Myfirst marriage ended this way.It was so easy; my ex-wife simply did most of her filing over the internet.Laws have been set in place to make this process easier.For example, in the state of Florida it's called "Simplified Dissolution of Marriage".Unfortunately, divorce has become an accepted event in our society.Can we afford to ignore these factors?We should seriously consider the relationship between a working wife's financial independence and the availability to these simplified divorce procedures.
Changes in economic conditions have shifted the emphasis from togetherness to an emphasis on individuality (Elkind, 1994).Married working women are less financially dependent of their husbands.I believe the traditional housewife was almost forced to make her marriage work.We can ask ourselves if an employed mother would work harder at saving her marriage than a fina

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