There are many different kinds communicable diseases.Small pox happens to be one of them. The cause of it is contact with the person who has it.It is also caused by a virus.This means just being around the person who has it.No direct contact is needed.The symptoms of it are a fever and a pimple like rash that grows.The bumps are full of pus which look very gross.Treatments for it are to get a vaccination before you get it or before you start to get a rash.
Influenza also known as the "flu" is also a communicable disease.The cause of it is direct contact with people such as touching other peoples hands.Airborne droplets from infected people is also another way of getting the flu.Symptoms of the flu are, a fever, aches, coughing, tiredness, and weakness of breath.Treatments for it are getting a lot of bed rest, having good nutrition, and drinking plenty of fluids.You can also get a vaccination before you are infected with the virus which protects you from it.
Chronic bronchitis is not a communicable disease. It is caused by bacteria, various viruses of the common cold, and smoking.Symptoms if it are a persistent cough, wheezing, respiration, and "heaviness" in the chest.Treatments for it are trying to reduce the cough which means taking certain kind of cough suppressants.
Cerebral palsy is also a non-communicable disease.The cause of it is toxic substances in the mother's body at the time of giving birth and during the pregnancy.A symptom which can lead to the disease is lack of oxygen at birth.Treatments for it are steroids and methotrexate and folic acids.

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