Discursive about keeping animals in zoos and parks

Is it right or wrong? Is it Humane and safe or cruel and devastating to keep animals in zoos and safari parks? In this essay I will discuss these points and give my own opinion.
Foremost we shall look at points against animals being in zoos and safari parks. Many animals are taken from their natural environments, and placed into cages so people can stare at them all day. In addition to this many animals may be come ill with zoochosis were the animal will sit and rock backwards and forwards all day. Another argument against animals being kept in zoos and safari parks is that if the animal is taken out of it's natural habitat for too long and then put back not only will it have lost many of it's natural skills, but it will usually be killed by other animals as well. Essentially zoos remain collections of animals, denied their freedom simply to provide the public a “good” day out. Another point to make is that Stereotypic behavior is an indication of chronic suffering caused by frustration, boredom, depression and anxiety. In the wild, animals react to their surroundings. They spend their time avoiding enemies, seeking food and interacting with their own species, mating, socializing. Animals do not find this stressful; they are designed to cope with the wild. On the contrary, it is the controlled, limited captive environment that is stressful. Behavioral abnormalities occur because of these restrictions. Also, animals within close proximity to the public may become anxious, frustrated, bored, scared, and alone.
But there is another side to the argument and that is for animals being kept in zoos and safari parks. You can argue that zoos are good in the way that it helps to save endangered species with breeding programs. Zoos and safari parks are educational to everyone. The animals are ambassadors of the wildlife showing people how great they are which may begin to save animals by people not buying anything that has be…

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