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How do human beings make decisions? What triggers a person to take action at any given point? Have you ever found yourself asking these questions? An attempt to make sense of these questions can be as easy as studying psychology or " the science of the soul". While many people have contributed greatly to the science that seeks to understand human behavior it takes dedication to specialize in this area of work. Completely and exclusively learning, understanding, studying, and explaining the answer to these questions can only be understood by a true psychologist.
Psychologists study the behavior of individuals and groups to understand and explain their actions. They specialize in a wide variety of areas. Experimental psychologists concentrate on human behavior as well as rats, monkeys, and pigeons. Environmental psychologists study the influence of environment on people. Clinical psychologists work in mental hospitals or clinics or maintain their own practice. The psychologist field I wish to pursue a career in is a counseling psychologist, who helps people with daily problems concerning their personal, social, educational, and vocational life. Along with the few I have named there are many other types of psychologist professions. Each psychologist contributes by applying his or her own knowledge and expertise to the field of psychology.
Becoming a Psychologist is no easy task. A master's degree in psychology takes about 2 years of schooling. It qualifies a person to assist psychologists in the same field. However without much schooling and training opportunities are limited. Your best bet is to get a doctoral degree, which takes anywhere from 5 to 7 years it, is required for employment as a licensed clinical psychologist.Advancement in this field is limited due to how far you pursue schooling but, most psychologists with doctoral degrees venture out on their own after several y

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