Dike Trail

Padilla Bay Dike Trail

The luminary sun is setting, painting a beautiful citrus rainbow across the clear, brisk night.Deep croaking increasingly doubles and triples in its frequency.The scene is so incredible you hold your crystal clear breath in absolute astonishment.
Have you ever wondered why God created islands or bays?The view of this path is of the Olympic Mountains, The San Juan's, salt water, Mt. Erie, as opposed to the farmland, irrigation, and housing.I think the views of the San Juan's are flawless.The panoramic view on this trail is thoroughly remarkable!As you stride along you see that the trail is nearly five miles long roundtrip and full of intricate shoreline the entire way.There are majestic and complex designs left from the crawling water behind in the mud.You can see individual snail paths carved along in the mud, what a wonderful life they have.This trail is amazing; it has natural views of mountains, islands, and water along with man-made irrigation, housing and farming land.

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Tonight is a summer night, we were lucky, and we can caught the frogs all rehearsing for their next performance of croaks.The noises that we hear when we walk along the pathway are all impressive and relaxing.Some favored nights that I've strode along the trail; I have caught the frogs together, singing in melody.They sound like one in a million, they are greater sounding then anything I could muster up!Water splashes lively up onto the shore, sighing, you look out onto the bay.The splash splash, splash happens at a slow, rhythmic beat; like a bass drum.The sound of the water spewing onto the shore is refreshing and cool on your tender face.What a wonderful sounds we hear when we're walking along the path; a frog choir, a bass drum along with a cool breeze and occasional splash onto our faces.

Next time we're out on the Dike Trail, make sure you take a second to hear the awesome…

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