Digestive system

Today I would like to begin my paper with a quote from a very intelligent person, in my opinion. The quote is stated in a Checkers commercial and goes like this "you gotta eat". The words are very simple and very true. The process of eating, digesting, and getting rid of the food that we consume is what interest's me the most and very important in life and survival. That is why I've decided to write on the digestive system today. In this paper I will be discussing the function's of the digestive system and the path food takes entering your body and exiting your body.
First, I wanted to give you a overview on the very start of the digestive system and some of it functions as well. At the very beginning of this process is where ingestion occurs. This is where the actual food comes into the mouth. Once the food is in the mouth, the teeth cut and breakdown food working with the tongue to shape it into a round mass for swallowing. The salivary glands also play an important role in the ingestion process. They produce a saliva that lubricates , dissolves, and starts the chemical breakdown of food.
Next I wanted to take you down the path of the pharynx and esophagus. The pharynx is not a major player in the process. It's major function is to receive the bolus, which is a soft, round, mass of food, and send it to the esophagus. Once it arrives at the esophagus, it is regulated by a circular band of muscles called the esophagealsphincter. The food is then moved through by a process known as peristalsis, which is a progression of coordinated contractions and relaxations of circular and longitudinal layers of the muscular is.
Then, after leaving the pharynx and esophagus it arrives at the stomach followed by the pancreas. Two very important organs that aid in this process. The stomach receives thefood and then gets macerated by mixing waves. Itmixes with sec

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