Different Origins of Horse Breeds

Have you ever wondered where different breeds of horses originated from?Many people probably don't care.But some people might find it interesting.Horses are bred for different structure, work and speed and come from all over the world.Horses are very unique in when and where they originated from.
The Shire horse is the purest survival of an early type, which was spoken of by medieval writers as the ‘Great Horse.’If this horse did not originate in England, this country at a very early date acquired a widespread reputation for producing it.Indeed, the English ‘Great Horse’ seems to have been a native development of that British ‘War Horse’ whose strength, courage and aptitude for discipline are spoken of in high terms by the Roman legions at theirfirst landing upon these shores.
The Clydesdale is a breed of heavy draft horse developed in and deriving its name from the district in Scotland where it was founded.The farmers of Lanarkshire, through which the River Clyde flows, evolved its type.The old name for Lanarkshire is Clydesdale.
The exact origins of the Percheron have been lost over time.Some believe they are descendants of the original horses found in the region during the Ice Age.Regardless of it's ancient beginnings it is known that at two points in history the native mares of the Le Perche region of France were mated with Arab stallions,first during the eighth century and later during the Middle Ages.By the time of the crusades the Percheron was widely recognized as outstanding for his substance and soundness, as well as for his characteristic beauty and style.
The America Saddlebred horse wasfirst mentioned in official government correspondence in 1776.It has been written that Paul Revere’s mount for his famous ride was a Narraganset Pacer, a breed that was important in the development of the Saddlebred. American Saddlebred horses accompanied pioneers f

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