Obesity and the resulting medical problems have become an
overwhelming American condition, and it seems to be getting worse every
day.One Newsweek writer notes, “While searching endlessly for just the
right diet, we’re consuming ever more calories, growing ever more obese,
and suffering obscene rates of diabetes, hypertension, and heart disease as
a result” (Cowly, 2003, p. 46).Many experts believe all it takes is a
“little more willpower” for most Americans to triumph over obesity and ill
health, but it takes more than a little willpower for most people to stick
to a healthy diet.This is why I chose stomach stapling as an alternative
to dieting, because for a majority of overweight Americans, including me,
Americans love of good food is enhanced by the constant bombardment
of food advertising on television, the radio, and even the Internet.Did
you ever notice when you are on a diet, every ad seems to be extolling the
virtues of fast food burgers and quick fix weekday dinners’As one writer
noted, “Our love of certain foods often takes root during childhood, long
before we know or care about their nutritional value” (Miller, 2003, p.
70), and this love is often triggered by visual and/or mental stimulation
from television ads, memories, and even aromas from the corner
delicatessen.Our culture revolves around food, and if you can put it away
and not pack on the pounds you are a hero, while if you cannot, you are
lacking in willpower and self-control.That is simply not the case for
some people, who carry their genetic makeup for the world to see, on their
hips, thighs, and love handles.For some people, losing weight does not
take a “little willpower,” it takes a massive amount of effort and
determination, and many fail, which is one reason there are so many obese
people in the country, and diet gurus are still raking in thousands of

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