Diet Nutrition

Heath like love or happiness, is a quality of life that is difficult to define and virtually impossible to measure. Our bodies drive fuel (energy) from the food we eat. There are six major nutrients come to use in food: Proteins; Carbohydrates; fats; Vitamins; minerals and water. Each nutrient is essential for a major roll for a good healthy life style that would keep us stress free, and in good physical condition.
Protein is source to keep up with or highly motivated, driven bodies.
Protein builds, repairs and maintains the cells of virtually everybody tissue. It also supplies energy when the bodies' carbohydrate and fat reserves have exhausted. Protein cannot be stored and we need it 24 hours a day for building, repairing and maintaining the skin, bones, muscles and organs that is essential for a healthy fit body.
Carbohydrates are our chief source of energy and treasured trove of vitamins and minerals. That keep or digestive tracks clean and healthy. Carbohydrates go in are digested system quickly and convert into glucose provides energy for the brain, the nervous system and the muscles. It works like a fires kindling, helping to burn the denser fuel of fat more efficient, provides more sustained energy over a greater length of times and are the initial source used in the aerobic phase of exercise
Fat is the second most important energy source; the trick is to eat only the correct types of fats. Basically there are few "special" fats, such as salmon, pilchards, mackeral mussels. These are called essential fatty acids, and lineoic acid these "special" fats are extremely important to the human body that turn in to testosterone. Also it's our most concentrated form of energy and is the fuel your body burns during long session of exercise.
Vitamins are like a shield that assists the proteins, fats and carbohydrates in fulfilling their different function in the body. Ther

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