Did We Land On The Moon

Was July 20th, 1969, the biggest hoax ever pulled?Some people believe that the United States and no one else has ever landed on the moon.While this may seem hard to believe, an astounding number of people believe that it was all a big hoax.After taking a poll of some students in Rigby High School and people in the office where I work, 49% of those interviewed believe that we never landed on the moon.So was it the biggest hoax ever pulled?
I had my brother take a poll of 150 random students in Rigby High School to see what their opinions were.Seventy-four of the students polled actually believe that we never went to the moon.Which is an astounding number, considering that if this poll was taken about thirty years ago the percentage would be just about 100.
After being asked why they believe this, one student answered, " I saw a program on Fox that totally changed my mind on the whole moon subject.It provided me with enough evidence to make me think that NASA faked the whole think just to say we beat the Russians."
Another student, in agreement with the other said, "One of my friends did a report on if we landed on the moon, and after his report I totally think we didn't go.Plus the fact that Kennedy promised the U.S. that we would so he had to live up to his promise, which included faking the whole thing because he had to keep his promise and had to beat the Russians at all costs.Another thing is why haven't we gone back?And how come no other country has yet to do it?I rest my case; we never went."
As I was getting all these responses that people actually think we never landed on the moon, I polled some people in the office where I work to see what they thought on the subject.Out of the eight people that work there, two of them also think that landing on the moon was a hoax.
One of the ladies responded, "My son brought home a TV progra

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