What is a Diamond?

A diamond is Carbon in its most concentrated form. Its is composed solely of
carbon, although traces of other elements may be present. Diamond is the hardest surface
known to man, nothing can scratch a diamond except for another diamond. The reason
diamonds are so hard is their molecular structure. The Carbon atoms are arranged very
closely together in formations called "crystal habits". In these arrangements, each carbon
is bonded to four others with very strong bonds. Because the Carbon atoms are so close
together, diamond is a very dense mineral in comparison to others with similar molecular
composition. Diamond's density has been measured at 3.51 g/cm?.
Diamonds are valued for their luster and brilliance. The reason they are such a shiny gem is that they are very good at refracting, or bending, light. This causes the
colors, or "fire" that seem to radiate from the sides of a diamond. Diamond also has the
highest amount of reflectance of any transparent material.
Stereotypically, diamondsare thought to be colorless, but in reality, colored
diamonds have become very popular in both the market-place and the scientific world.
Diamonds can be found in many colors, such as pink, red, purple, blue, white, and even
black. Coming in contact with other elements causes these colors. Trace elements
such as Nitrogen can cause a yellow diamond, while others, like boron, can cause blue
Although diamonds have low electrical conductivity, they do have a very practical
use aside from jewelry. Because they are excellent thermal conductors, they are often
used in small machines to remove heat, causing them to run more efficiently. This also
enables companies to make smaller devices.

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Where Are Diamonds Found?

Because diamonds have such a high density, we know that they crystallize at very
high temperatures under extreme pressure. Diamonds are prod…

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