Diagnosing Children with ADHD

There is considerable confusion as to exactly what ADHD is and how it should be treated. Part of the problem is that there is no definitive test to certify that a child has it. And because symptoms are usually fidgeting, loss of concentration, being disruptive and impulsive and making careless mistakes in schoolwork, to not finishing tasks, it’s not always easy to distinguish between normal kid behavior and ADHD. I feel that parents are quick to medicate their children. They would rather give them a pill than take the time that is needed to redirect their attention and socialize them.
There are some children whose impulsivity and aggressiveness can be extreme and cause them to fall hopelessly behind in school and to become social outcasts; a parent’s decision to medicate can be a very hard one to make. On the other hand what about the parents of the countless of other kids who also may also carry the ADHD label but whose behavior is more uncertain? These parents face a lot of questions: Is their child’s energy, dreaminess, or inattentiveness simple normal youthful behavior, or does it cross the line into an illness? And would putting the child on drugs be a help or hold them back in so many other ways?
It is easier and cheaper for a doctor to simply prescribe a pill than to direct the child to costly therapists. The medications can cause serious side effects. The children taking them have been known to have suffered from insomnia, upset stomachs, appetite loss and even ticks.Most of these children often are vulnerable to having all of their initial symptoms resurface when the medication wares off. In some rare instances some children have experienced seizures and have had their growth affected by taking their ADHD medication over long periods of time.
I have looked into other ways that might be more effective in helping children with ADHD. I feel these are much more effective if the parents take the time and try them rather …

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