Diabetes, one of the oldest diseases known to humankind, was for centuries also one of the most deaded. It was dogged by myths, misconceptions and half-truths. Most people are vaguely aware that diabetes has something to do with sugar, and may wonder if it’s caused by eating too many sweets. They may think that insulin injections was the only way to control diabetes, or believe that diabetes only strikes children. There are only half-right. So what is diabetes actually?
Diabetes is a condition in which the body is deprived of energy because too much glucose stays in the blood. The reason for this is a lack of insulin – a hormone or substance produced by the pancreas. Insulin’s job is to transport glucose from the bloodstream out to the body’s cells where it is used for energy or stored for future needs. Therefore, if insulin is absent, our body couldn’t use glucose normally.
There are 2 Main Types of diabetes. Although they both called diabetes, but they usually strike quite different groups of people and have quite different patterns of symptoms and treatment.:
Type 1 Diabetes – diabetic’s pancreas fails to produce insulin and insulin must be given at least daily by injection. This’s also known as Insulin Dependent Diabetes Mellitus (IDDM) and is more common in children and younger adults.
Type 2 Diabetes – diabetic’s pancreas is still making insulin but the production is sluggish or the person’s body is resistant to it. Being overweight makes the body resistant to insulin. This type of diabetes usually affects people over 40, and is likely to run in families. Most people with type 2 Diabetes do not require daily insulin injections to control their disease, but treated with changes their diet and exercise regime.
People with diabetes usually have the following symptoms:
?Unexplained weight loss or weight gain.

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