Diabetes Mellitus is a disorder caused by decreased production of insulin, or by decreased ability to use insulin.Insulin is a hormone that helps the body’s tissues absorbs glucose (sugar) so it can be used as a source of energy.Insulin is necessary for blood glucose to go from the blood to the inside of the cells, and unless the sugar gets into the cells, the body cannot use it.Glucose levels build up in the blood and urine, causing excessive urination, thirst, and hunger.Diabetes occurs in several forms.The most common types are Type I, Type II, and Gestational Diabetes Mellitus.
Type I Diabetes is also known as insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus or IDDM.In Type I diabetes the body’s own immune system attacks the insulin producing beta cells in the pancreas and destroys them.The pancreas then produces little or no insulin.A person who has Type I diabetes must take insulin daily to live (webmd). This type of diabetes usually occurs in people under the age of 30, however could occur at any age (Thomas 528). Type I diabetes has also been referred to as Juvenile Diabetes.Approximately 40 in every 10,000 children have diabetes (89).Children often manifest the disease suddenly.Symptoms include increased thirst and urination, constant hunger, weight loss, blurred vision, and extreme fatigue.Early medical assessment is needed so that appropriate treatment can be started with the diabetic child.
Thanks to the diligent research of medical investigators, great steps have been made in the knowledge and treatment of diabetes.With the discovery of the hormone insulin in 1921 by two Canadian researchers, thousands of diabetics have been able to live practically normal lives (160).Before the discovery of insulin, everyone with Type I diabetes died within a few years after diagnosis. Since the breakthrough, doctors have been able to treatment patients with insulin replacement, along with a balanced diet and exerc…

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