Diabetes is a disease, which arises when an individual has an inability to process sugars that enter their blood stream in their food as a result of a relative or complete lack of insulin secretion by beta cells of the pancreas or of defects in responsiveness to insulin.Insulin is a hormone that is needed to convert sugar, starches and other food into energy needed for daily life. As a consequence, the level of sugar in the blood will vary widely, but at times may be very high, whilst the sugar level in the cells may be very low. As sugars are processed to provide energy for our cells, diabetics may frequently lack energy if untreated. Other symptoms may include extreme thirst, weight loss and an excessive production of urine. The cause of diabetes remains unknown but there is research being done to find out some of the causes.
To date, the American Diabetes Association has invested more than $200 million in diabetes research throughout the nation. Some of the benefits that have came out of this research include, Improved techniques for islet cell transplantation, Laser therapy to prevent diabetes-related blindness,
Better understanding of the importance of nutrition and psychosocial factors in diabetes treatment, Researchers moving ever closer to identifying the “diabetes genes”A great cure for diabetes would be the transplantation of cells that can release insulin (islet cells) whenever needed, just like your original pancreas used to do.This is the hope for islet transplantation research. Perfecting this process has been difficult.The problem is that the transplanted cells frequently are not healthy enough to work well for the start or they later become destroyed (rejected) by our body’s immune system. By having diabetes, you are basically not having a functioning kidney.
Researchers are getting funds and spending them on research. They have good ideas in their head of some cures, but most are still testing them out. …

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