Dharma and Greg

It is about time this wonderful series was made available on DVD. I fell in love with this show from the very first episode. Who can forget Dharmas wonderful free spirit so full of radiant energy. Her kooky friend Jane and those crazy dogs “This is my dog Stinky…and this is Stinky’s dog Nunzio” I loved the “spring” episode when she put astro turf in the apartment and danced naked on the roof. OHHH and the episode when greg chucks his Ivy League education to become a short order cook and Edward wants to do hair. Jane and Dharma are glorious as they pretend to be German tourists at the mall and make Gregs recalcitrant niece act as translator This series is for anyone who believes in a higher state of being, someone who embraces all that is good and positive. There is something to be said for the power behind the “Dharma effect” and only the angriest of trolls would fail to be touched by the quirky and offbeat hilarity that this program provides in spades. Welcome to the planet Dharma and Greg. You are a bright light in a world gone mad

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