Deviant Not Me

Hirschi’s Control Theory basically says that deviant behavior is something that everyone considers, but that four types of social control generally holds them back.Those four types of social control are attachment, commitment, involvement, and belief.I find these to be very true,
I do not do some things that would be considered deviant due to my attachment to my family and friends.As a mother, I have to look at my behavior very carefully.It is the example that I am setting for my child.I do not want any behavior on my part foraging my attachment to my child or other family members and friends.Thus, before acting on an idea of deviance, I think of this.
I have goals in life and at times when I think of possibly acting upon them I think about my future.Every act of deviance a person commits leads to a greater deviance and eventually it will be brought forward, very much affecting your future.I have goals in life that would not be obtainable were I to involve myself in certain deviant behavior.My commitment to legitimate opportunity is very strong.I truly believe that my goals are reachable, that is why I am making an attempt to further my education.
Hirschi believes that a person who has too much time on his hands is liable to engage in deviant acts.This is quite true.I am kept busy for the majority of the day.I have not known an idle moment in years.But, I can definitely imagine the things that an individual would get into if they had this time available.
There have been several circumstances where I have considered deviant behavior, and had it not been for my beliefs, I very much would have.I have strong morals and beliefs as a person that prevent me from intentionally hurting anyone or otherwise behaving deviantly. Besides, I have no wish to go to jail or be labeled.Thus, the greatest and the controlling factor in preventing deviant behavior on my part, is my belief.Without

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