Determining Concentrations: Spectrophotometer

Spectrophotometry is defines to be the quantitative measurement of the reflection or transmission properties of a material as a function of wavelength. Spectrophotometry is a great asset to have in chemistry it involves the use of a spectrophotometer. A spectrophotometer is a photometer which is a device that is used for the measurement of light and its intensity. The spectrophotometer measures the intensity as a function of the light, wavelength.The information gained from Spectrophotometry can be used to study the relationship between the amount of light absorbed and the concentration of the chemical substance. Therefore from that information and by figuring out the amount of light absorbed at two different wave lengths of a substance you can determine the molarity of the solute in the substance.
The objective of this experiment was to use Beers Law to determine the concentration of the red and yellow dye in the u unknown. Part one of the experiment main objective was to determine which wave lengths are being absorbed between 350 nm to 650 nm of each stock solution of the dye.After the collected data it helped us determine the max wave length absorbance for each dye. Part two focused on the accurate relationship between absorbance and molarity.We also had to mix a solution of dye between .2 and 1.0 because any lower or higher molarities will cause an inaccurate reading with the instrument. With this set of data we are then able to calculate the K value in Beer's Law so we can plot the data and use it in order to find the concentration of our unknown.Finally in part three the objective was to use Beer's Law plot to get the absorbance of the red dye and the yellow dye with the maximum absorbance wave length we got for each use it to find its molarity.From that data then we can get the molarity of the yellow dye in the unknown.These parts and objective lead us to our final concentration of the unknown for the r…

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