Determination of Genotypes from Phenotypes in Humans

An organism can be thought of as a large collection of phenotypes.A phenotype is the appearance of a trait and is determined by pairs of genes.The pairs of genes represent the genotype for the trait.In this lab, some phenotypic traits were determined.From the phenotypic traits, it was determined what genotypes were had.If a trait is dominant and the person possessed that trait, it would not have been able to be determined the exact genotype because it could have been either homozygous or heterozygous for the gene.However, if a trait was determined by incomplete dominance, it could be told if it were homozygous or heterozygous.Genotypes of recessive traits could be identified.By comparing the genotypes and phenotypes with other people in the class, it would have seen why it was a unique individual.Given the almost limitless number of gene combinations, it is almost impossible that anyone would have all the same traits.First, one piece of PTC paper was obtained and untreated taste paper from a teacher.The untreated paper was placed on a wet tongue to see how it tasted.Then it was disposed of in the wastebasket, and placed the PTC paper on a wet tongue to see if it could taste the phenylthiocarbamide-PTC.It was tasted.It was quite bitter and it was noticed readily that it had the ability to taste the chemical.The data was entered now that the phenotype was determined.For each of the following traits, it was observed and recorded in the table for genotypes and phenotypes.
b) Hairline Widow's peak WW, Ww
e) Tongue dexterity Unable to roll cc
f) Thumb Hitch-hiker's thumb BB, Bb
j) Lip protrusion Slightly protruding PN

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