Depression and Improper Treatment

Many advances have been made in the healthcare field towards
recognizing mental disorders as real and serious conditions.In times
past, a mentally unstable person may have been thought to be possessed by
demons in extreme cases, or considered to just be a lazy or bad person in
more moderate circumstances.While many ignorant people still hold the
opinion that people who are depressed should “just get over it” and that
people can always choose to stop feeling sad or upset if they simply chose
to do so, medical professionals have worked to make it more commonly
understood that depression, like many mental disorders, may actually be
caused by physical factors such as chemical imbalances.This is a very
positive change and incredibly welcomed decision by those who suffer from
depression, who can finally find help from professionals without being
judged harshly.Many avenues are available to assist in the treatment of
individuals suffering from clinical depression today, including many forms
of therapy, as well as medications that can help to correct the physical
malfunctions that cause chemical and hormonal imbalances.Unfortunately,
while many health professionals use discretion when prescribing treatments
for depression, others are careless and will make recommendations to
trusting patients that may cause more harm than good.The nature of our
fast-paced society has lead to the over-prescribing of anti-depressant
medication without proper consideration and supervision for the patient,
which has serious consequences for the individual and society as a whole.
While there are many valid circumstances in which antidepressants can be
properly used, these cases are not the majority among those who are
actually using antidepressant medication.
Today’s society is fast-paced and impatient.”Instant,” “Easy,” and
“Fast” are catch words used by advertisers to appeal to the atte…

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