Mental disorders occur in millions of people throughout the world. "They can be insidious, working their way into people's thoughts, and feelings, diminishing its victims' emotional and physical well being, along with their personal and family relationships" (Zimbardo et al. 462).Many people are left with an enormous financial burden from lost wages, lost productivity and the high cost of prolonged treatment.There are different ways to treat mental disorders. Some people resort to therapy, and in extreme cases, people are forced to be hospitalized or placed in institutions.The idea that mental disorders are diseases of the mind came into effect in the 18th century. This idea became known as the medical model. People began to perceive individuals with mental disorders as suffering with an illness. People started to believe that mental disorders could be treated the same way as any other sickness; with medication. In society today, medication has become a popular way for people to find an easy way to be cured from a mental problem that millions of Americans suffer from called depression. However, there is reason to believe that medication may not be the right solution for depression for everyone.
In ancient times, people assumed that everything in the world was associated with the supernatural. People with mental disorders were thought to have been under the possession of demons.In 400 B.C., a Greek physician named Hippocrates took a scientific view of mental disorders.He thought that abnormal behavior was due to a physical cause.What he taught people was that there were four humors: blood, phlem, black bile and yellow bile.If someone had an imbalance of the four humors, abnormal behavior would result. For example, someone with too much black bile would have
depression.Someone with an abundance of blood would be warm hearted (Zimbardo et. al 463).
The world has come a long way since 400 B. C….

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