People get depressed for different reasons.For instance, some people get depressed for their meaningless lives.While other people get depressed for social life, such as problems with husband or with family members.
Depression is the main reason for a person to commit suicide, like Jessie does in the play "night Mother" by Marsha Norman.In the play, Jessie plays a role of a very quiet and lonely character.She lives with her mother after her husband Cecil has left her.After that she does not even like to talk on the phone.Moreover, she does not even have any friends to go out for shopping or to spend time with.She is so lonely and sad.
Jessie keeps herself busy taking care of her mother and the house.When she speaks that, "I made a list of things.How the washer works.Things like that (1413)."This word proves that she keeps herself busy taking care of her mother's house and does the all house works.And while she says that, "Can you order your medicine or do you want Dawson to?I've got a note to him.I'll add that to it if you want (1415)."This quote shows that she is also worry about her mother, and she does everything for mama.
Even her mother asks her to get job so she can feel better and have change in life.But in return Jessie says that, " I took that telephone sales job and I didn't even make enough money to pay the phone bill, and I tried to work at the gift shop at the hospital and they said I made people real uncomfortable smiling at them the way I did (1418)". This quote shows that she is not interested in working any more because she cannot mix with other people or she is unable to make people happy around her.
By reading this play, "Night, Mother" anyone can say that she has no dream or aim in her life.A person without any aim has no life.James Thurber describes in his essay"The moth and the star" …

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