Density is a mass of a unit volume of a material substance.When the object was put in the water the water level went up because the object had density and volume.If the object was heavy it would make the water level go up more, if it was lighter it wouldn't make it go up as much.The volume of the object matters more though.If the volume of the object goes in to the graduated cylinder, it will cause the waters volume to move up.Density is not a characteristic of an object.Objects with different weights have different densities.Volume is equal to the mass divided by the density.Density is a convenient way of getting the mass of an object from its volume or vice versa.Each and every particle has a different density.The density of an object has to do with the gravity of that object.Density is measured in different ways.The lab was a way to measure density.Density could also be expressed as gravity The term density is also usedto figure out the ratio!
of the number of particles in a given volume, or the total amount of a quantity such as energy or momentum carried by a volume, to that volume, as in charge density, electron density, and energy density. And also to figure out the blackness of the image on film or on a photographic plate-photographic density.


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