Density of Pennies Lab

The means of this experiment will be to work with the density of pennies.I will be enforcing the concepts of accuracy and precision as I repeat one step three times.In addition, I will begin to perform percent errors.The main purpose of this experiment will be to discover if any differences exist with comparison of pennies dated before 1982 to pennies dated after 1982, such as the average of the volume and the average of the mass.And last but not least, I will practice my expertise of determining densities of objects, as in this case, the pennies.
The procedures of this experiment will be easy.I will determine the mass of forty pennies dated before 1982 with a balance, and also for the pennies dated after 1982.I will repeat this three times for each group of pennies and find the average.Then I will pour the pennies into a graduated cylinder of water and record the volume for both groups of pennies.I will also repeat this three times and calculate the average.Next, I will determine the volume of the pennies alone, repeat it three times, and determine the average volume.Then, I will verify the density of each group of pennies, by using the equation D=M/V.Finally, I will compare and contrast the data I collected with Data Table 2-4.
The concepts to this experiment are not very complicated, because it only involves simple concepts.For instance, the density formula: mass divided by volume.In addition, the concepts of accuracy and precision are involved in this experiment.Accuracy is the closeness of measurements to the correct or accepted value.Precision is the closeness of a set of measurements.The notion of significant figures perhaps may also be utilized in this experiment.Lastly, percent error will be used in the data processing, which is defined as the absolute value of the accepted value subtract the experimental value, divided by the accepted value, and multiplied by 100.

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