The United States constitution, and the Bill of Rights was created in response to King George's tyrannical rule. The founding fathers outlined all of their grievances to King George in the Declaration of Independence.King George ultimately ignored the voice of the people and in response to that the founding fathers decided to construct the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.When the founding fathers sat down to write the constitution, they made sure to avoid all of the tyrannical things that King George had imposed on them.They did this by adding specific articles and amendments in the constitution to prevent the people from ever falling under tyrannical rule again.Some of the major grievances set forth in the Declaration of Independence became important articles and amendments to the United States Constitution.
In order to deal with these problems that were addressed in the Declaration of Independence, the founding fathers made sure that the constitution and the Bill of Rights were set up in a way that would eliminate all of the problems.
One of the major problems that the founding fathers had with King George was his refusal to assent to laws for establishing judiciary powers.To solve this problem the founders set up a judiciary branch of government with a supreme court.They also included an article in the constitution (art. 1 sect. 1) which defines the power of the judiciary branch.Another problem that the founders had with king George was the fact that he deprived them the benefit of a trial by jury.The founders believed strongly in having trials by jury and for that reason they decided to create the seventh amendment, which gives people the right to trial by jury.Article three section three of the constitution also calls for a trial by jury expect in cases of Impeachment.
A third major problem that the founders had with king Georges rule, was the fact that they were forced to quarter large bodies of a…

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