Today we face the growing concerns about the environment and what we can do to help protect our valuable resources. One of the topics that is currently being heatedly debated is deforestation. We are all affected by the forests and there affect on the environment. A good portion of the products we use are made from or are influenced by trees or other forest organisms.
Deforestations main causes are growing population, education, and the commercial timber industry. But there are many smaller causes that create a great deal of other problems. Often the short-term benefits seem to outweigh the long-term cost, which seems to direct our reason.
The growing population can be seen as a major enemy of forest. Our cities and towns are growing at an alarming rate. Forests and farmlands are cleared to make way for new sub divisions and condos. As our populations numbers grow the cities spread into the natural forestlands. Real estate also sets a high standard on the surrounding areas. Many people pay large sums to build summer homes in the woods were they can get away form it all. Most are only used a few weeks a year, and only further exploit backcountry lands.
Ten years ago we were not as concerned with recycling and protecting our environment. Today we know better and have slowly started to learn the importance of the world we live in and the impact that we can have on it, for good or bad.That lack of education has cost us a lot though. We have had to learn the hard way and have paid a great price. "Today it's estimated that 80% of the world's original forests have been destroyed" (Hatch 97). We need to keep teaching our kids the importance of protecting the earth's natural resources, and to remain conscious of the effects we have on them.
The biggest enemy of forests is of course the commercial timber Industry. Its not all there fault though, they are acting in accordance with the current

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