Defining Terminology Used with Databases

Familiarity with the terminology used with databases is good to know for any computer user who may run across a database to retrieve a request for information.Databases have a language of its own.If you are not at least familiar with the terms used when referring to databases, you may be missing out on some very valuable information.Data Resource Management, Database Management, Database Software, Types of Databases, Database Development, and Data Access flow down the ladder with terms used that are unique to the fundamental understanding of databases.
Thefirst, and one of the most important concepts in understanding Database Management, is to have a firm grasp of what data is, why it is important and how it is utilized as an organizational asset.The term ‘data’ refers specifically to a body of fact and/or information. ( resources are the combined packages of intellectual and hard information that an organization complies and stores about its internal and external environment. (O’Brien, 2000 pg. 168).Inventories, financial records, market and industry trends, historical performance, and internal forms and processes are just a few of the types of data that organizations compile, store and disseminate.Data resource management is the application of information systems technologies set to the task of managing an organization’s information.
The concept of data resource management has three major components; database administration, data administration and data planing.In short, these three components allow for the establishment of resources management systems, procedures and information dissemination strategies, respectively.At the very foundation of these concepts exists a hierarchical grouping of data organization.Data elements begin in the form of characters and progressively advance to higher level elements, such as, fields, attributes, entities and ultimately, records.
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