Declining Clarity of a Jewell Exploring Lake Tahoe

Figure One — Tahoe Region Map Page 3A
Lake Clarity — Introdution to Causes Page 5
Figure Two — Secci Depth Chart Page 6A
Figure Three — Population Graph Page 7A
Water Inflow and Algae Growth Page 9
Figure Four — Water Cycle Flow Chart Page 10A
Maps and Graphs — References Page 17
Lake Tahoe is the pristine jewel of the West Coast, known around the world for its beauty.The Lake Tahoe area was even in the spotlight for the winter Olympic Games at Squaw Valley in 60’s.Over the decades we have learned, by mistake, what needs to be done to protect the lakes’ beauty and character.The lake is foremost known for its color and clarity, and has been capitalized on for these qualities.However, upon enjoying the lake and creating a tourist and recreational draw we have jeopardized the lake for all the features that we most enjoy and treasure.Simply put the clarity, color and beauty of the lake are in trouble, and the transparency is decreasing at a frightening rate.
The build up of phosphorous and nitrates in the lake has promoted the growth of algae that clouds the water, changing the famous aqua, sapphire blue color to a murky, cloudy green.Let’s take a look at why we should be concerned with the declining clarity of a lake, and why this lake is so special and unique, and why the surrounding environment is so important.
There are many factors involved in causing the decline briefly discussed in this paper; including soil erosion, air quality/pollution, stream conditions which are water flow, and algae growth.Concluding with some positive measures that will help the lake over the long term.
In exploring what makes this lake unique and special we mustfirst explore where it is, how it got there, and it’s aquatic makeup.
Lake Tahoe known only to the Paiute Indians until it was “discovered” by General Fremont in 1844.The Lake’s exceptional transparency was described by Mark Twain as “the finest picture …

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