What I Learned About My Decision Making Style
When I was younger I had the tendency of letting my actions take over my thoughts. What I mean by this is that, I would perform actions before thinking about the outcome. I can recall a time when I made, in my opinion, the worst decision of my life. I stole a Smurf pendent from the corner stole. I wanted the pendent so bad, at that time I was in love with the Smurfs, and I thought that it was something that I really needed. My mother found out that I stole from the store. How she knew to this day puzzles, but she knew. She made me go back to the store and return the pendent and part of my punishment was to help around the store for a whole month that was really embarrassing. The other part of my punishment…well I won’t get into detail.
However, by maturing I have a better decision-making process. When it comes to critical thinking I always think about the outcome before I make anything final. The reason for this is because I think now as a person, in general, gets older their decisions affect their future in every way. For example having sex is a very important decision that two mature people have to contemplate. They have to really think about the outcomes, such as getting pregnant, catching a sexually transmitted disease etc…
The only time when I don’t think about the outcome is when I am shopping. I love to shop! Most importantly I love shopping for shoes. I am a shoe freak! If I see a pair of shoes that I like no matter how much they are I will bye them. As a result of this my funds run low and I am left with little or no money to get the things that I really need, like food toiletries and so forth. I know that this is a bad habit therefore to better myself I am working on it, I try not to go to the mall as much as I used to. However with time and patience I will get better about making that particular decision.

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