Decency Act

The Internet is the fastest growing and largest source of technological information.Millions of people easily access it everyday and are provided with information on everything from stamp collecting to bestiality.This wide array of information may seem to be the best thing since sliced bread, but on the other hand,this so called unlimited and easy access source of information turns a miracle into thoughts of apprehension.These uneasy thoughts are most common among parents of children who, incredibly enough, access the Internet with ease in their young age. The growth of the Internet has allowed millions of people the ability to express ideas, opinions, promotions, jobs, and much more to a very large audience quickly and inexpensively.It has the ability to display images and text at the choice of an individual and post it on a home page for full view by the public. This free expression, in some circles, has grown to include “indecent” material or material not suitable for minors.Due to this, the Federal government has been in debate about whether or not limitations should be put on Internet use and users.In 1996, the United States Government passed the Communications Decency Act which intended to prohibit the public availability of “indecent” material on the Internet.The CDA’s original intention was to pursue minor’s access to indecent materials but grew to criminalize constitutionally protected speech, poses problems which should be handled differently from other media, and encompass all citizens regardless of age.
The issue of “indecent” material being exposed on the Internet was brought to the national attention by Nebraska Senator Jim Exon.Exon initiated the Act after viewing a segment on Dateline NBC in July 1994, which portrayed the Internet as no more than dumping ground for pornographic material.In his statement he explains the qualifications for offenses against the Act.”Whoever makes, creates, or sol…

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