Debates 2000

The third Presidential Debate was between Vice President Al Gore and Gov. George W. Bush. The debate was in the format of a Town Hall debate. Both Vice President Al Gore and Gov. Bush performed well. An audience member asked the candidates a question and given two minutes to answer the question set forth. After the two minutes the other candidate was given the opportunity to rebuttal. In some instances the candidate that was asked the question was given the chance to refute the prior statement given. The people were very surprised by the actions and the reaction of the two candidates. Al Gore was very quick to make his point and just as quick to show the lies within Bush's plans. Bush was quick to give a sound byte response.
Gov. Bush and Vice Pres. Al Gore were very quick to show their distaste for the other candidate. It was obvious that the nation was in for a spectacular performance. It seemed that every time Bush was asked a question he managed to avoid answering it directly by means of saying a sound byte from his campaign. Gore seemed to be performing his absolute best. He managed to show people that even though he seems rigid he is very intersested in learning what it was that the people of the nation wanted. When Gore was asked about a certain topic he would come out of his chair and try to comfort the people about what it was he thought they should hear. In my opinion, he did not seem to be telling people exactly what they wanted to hear. Many people seemed taken back due to the constant references to the way Bush has handled Texas. Bush was also noted by the Wall Street Journal for lying about his plans for social security.
The constant references regarding Texas seemed to really make people listen. Gore told people that Texas was last in insurance. For a fact it was last.The topic of affirmative action arose only to disturb people. Bush was asked his views on affirmative action and he ra

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