Debate Against PAS

According to CARE (Cooperative for American's Remittances to Europe), PAS is morally, legally and medically unacceptable. Morally, as a society we have a moral obligation and social responsibility to care for those who are elderly, dying or disabled. The legalization of PAS would result in pressure, and/or perceived for the vulnerable to request PAS. Legally, the legalization of PAS would fundamentally change the basis on which the criminal law is founded namely for intentional killing. The prohibition of intentional killing protects us all, and any chance, as the Dutch have found, would be impossible to Police, not least because the key witness is dead. Medically, the role of doctors has been to cure and care but never to kill their patients. The legalization f PAS would fundamentally change the role of the doctor and the relationship of trust between the doctor and patient.
According to the Church against Assisted Suicide, PAS is against The Sanctity of Life. As Christians, our faith shapes our attitude towards sickness and death in three important ways. First, we believe that human life is a gift from God to be cherished and respected. In heeding God's command, "Thou shall not kill," we recognize that we cannot dispose of life as we please. Second, we believe that the Son of God became man to reconcile us with the Father and to be our model of holiness (Matthew 11:29). By living among us, Jesus created a new communion or solidarity among us (1 Corinthians 12:26-27), making everyone a neighbor worthy of our charity and care (Luke 10:25-36). Third, we believe that we are redeemed by Christ and called to share eternal life with him. Christians live in a world knowing that although the advantages that science and technology provide enrich out lives immensely in so many different ways, they will never exempt us from our own personal encounter with the mystery of death.
According to Leon R. Kass, a ethicist, phys…

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