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Many people will argue that capital punishment is inappropriate as a proper means of punishment for murder and rape.The truth is the death penalty is the most effective form of retributive justice for those crimes.The death penalty is a fitting punishment for violent crime because executions maximize public safety through a form of incapacitation and deterrence.
The death penalty has been around since the days of Moses and it is still around today.The reason for this is simply because it works.The Jews believe that the death penalty was God-given and therefore a necessary part of their religious and judicial system.The Jews use the death penalty to punish such grotesque offenses as bestiality and incest to somewhat minute charges of striking, cursing, or mere disobedience to one’s parents.The methods the Jewish people use to inflict capital punishment are as varied as the crimes for which it is used:Stoning, burning, hanging, beheading, and several more less popular methods.
If we look at the Roman Empire we see that crucifixion was a popular mode of execution because, not only did it get rid of the problem, it also punished the criminal with a great deal of torture.Crucifixion is probably the most cruel way to execute someone and therefore one of the most effective ways to deter crime.Crucifixion involved hanging a person to a device called a cross.The personfirst had to carry his cross through his hometown and to the place of his death.This further helped to deter crime since few people want their family and friends to witness such a humiliating experience.The criminal was then tied or nailed to the cross with his knees bent.The cross was then lifted up and set into a hole in the ground.This force would dislocate every joint in the body of the criminal.While the criminal hanged there, he could push himself up on a foot pedestal so that he could breathe.Eventually the man grew tired, s…

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