Death Penalty Debate

1a Argument- Lex Talionis, the principle that the punishment should fit the crime.
1b Evidence- Lex Talionis states "an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth, and arm for an arm, and a life
for a life."Proponents of the death penalty argue that criminals should have to pay for there crime as barbarically as they committed there's.
1c Citation – Capital Punishment: Life or Death. University of Texas.
2a Argument- Murder is not tolerable in our society.
2b Evidence- When a human being takes the life of an another, unsuspecting innocent, human being the
balance of justice is shifted.In seizing a viscous murderers life, the balance is then set equal.74 murderers were executed last year, the equivalent of 4/10ths of 1% of the number of Americans murdered, if we execute all the criminals in these cases, we would prove to society that murder is not acceptable, and will be punished.
2c Citation- Jacoby, Jeff. “The Unjust Logic of Sparing Murderers”
< >.
3a Argument- Once a murderer, always a murderer.
3b Evidence- Since 1901, twenty-three Federal Correctional workers have been killed by inmates in the
line of duty.In 1931, Bob Harper, a convicted murderer, escaped a Michigan prison, and
killed two people.The killing didn't stop there though, during his recapture, he also
killed the prison warden and his deputy.The murders could have simply been avoided, by
sentencing Bob Harper to execution.
3c Citation- “Murders That Could Have Been Averted By Capital Punishment.” The New American.
30 Aug 90. <>.
4a Argument- In our society, human life is valued.
4b Evidence- What does it say about the value of human life when a murderer is sentenced to…

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