Death Penalty

Today in America many people disagree with the fact that minors can be give the death penalty.The United States is in the minority, and one of the only countries in the world, that executes minors. People of America need to realize the United States is doing the correct thing by bringing minors; the one's who deserve the punishment, to justice.Bringing minors that commit murders to justice is one step to creating a safer society.

While snuffing out a young life as opposed to giving a teenager a second chance, may sound inhumane, there are still many reasons to support the practice. However, many people would disagree with that opinion.Many people would say minors are too young for that harsh of a punishment, and they deserve another chance, and they could be successfully rehabilitated. An ordinary minor, one who has not committed a murder, is too young to die.On the other hand, a minor who has killed someone, needs to be brought to justice for good or evil could easily repeat evil.
First, the living conditions in today's prisons are too nice for a murderer.Also, if the murderers, which are minors, are released at eighteen, the country is becoming more dangerous.Last, by keeping the worst of all criminals, murderers, in prison, the taxpayers are wasting a great amount of money.

In the past ten to twenty years, technology has been improving greatly.While technology has been improving, advances with modern building and facilities have come too.A type of facility that has made major advances is the prison.Many people believe that prisoners live way to nice of lives in prison.Also, a lot of prisoners have more benefits than they deserve.Prisoners get not only television, but in a lot of prisons, cable television.Also, prisoners get hot meals, extra circular activity opportunities, and much more.For example, at a lot of prisons, prisoners get to go outside and walk, jog, play basketball, and s…

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