Death By Choice:

Today in America many people dying from a terminal illness are denied the fundamental right to choose a peaceful dignified way to end their lives. Our laws state terminally ill people can choose a lingering death by refusing to eat, or by refusing treatment that keeps them barely alive, or by refusing to be hooked up to respirators. But the law does not allow terminally ill people to choose a peaceful, painless death that their doctors can easily provide. People who are terminally ill, who feel that their lives are not worth living because of an intractable pain and/or loss of dignity, and/or loss of capability, who repeatedly and actively ask for help in committing suicide, and who are of sound mind and not suffering from depression, should be allowed to choose how and when they will die.
A terminally ill person may start to feel like a burden financially and emotionally to love ones because of the extra care and cost incurred. On the financial side, realizing that death is imminent, many patients do not want to diminish their assets by incurring large medical costs. Also, for a physician to assist in suicide it only takes a dose of barbiturates and a few hours in a hospital bed, which is a lot less expensive. Some terminally ill patients would rather die sooner, and pass on their assets to their beneficiaries.On the emotional side, terminally ill patients sometimes end up needing long-term care and don't want to pass that burden onto loved ones. Some love ones that care for terminally ill family members have to change their whole lifestyle. These changes can include loss of a job job, relocation of families, and even divorce in some cases. Terminally ill patients feel guilty for imposing burdens on loved ones and would rather relieve them of the financial and emotional burdens of care and eventually choose assisted suicide.
Another reason terminally ill people elect assisted suicide

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