Death and Dying

Death and Dying, a topic and merely a condition everyone lives through, is an important issue that is being discussed among doctors and officials in Health Care Departments. Being such a broad topic, aspects such as The Best Defense Against Pain, Finding Comfort, The Ultimate Emotion Challenge (both for the dying patient and for the loved one) and Affording Good Care are just some of the important facets being discussed. Many individuals have this desire to die peacefully, whether in their sleep or just over all with no feelings of pain; however only 10 % of people die this way. So what is it that can make the dying stage of life easier?
Pain, the number one feeling feared by most people, is a huge factor in the fears of death. When most of people think of death, the majority would say that they want to feel no pain when their time comes. But as mentioned before, about 90% of patients don’t die this way. To avoid pain and suffering, most patients want to take in pain medicine to limit the amount of pain intensity felt. Many doctors conclude that pain medicine becomes addicting, however, other medical officials believe that when a dying patient is consuming pain relievers they are not addictive. Instead they used it for as long as they need it or until their pain needs are met.
The problem with pain medication arises frequently. Although relievers ease or eliminate pain of the body, it can also be deteriorating to the individual. Medicine, if given to a fragile body, can cause respiratory problems as well as increase the chances of depression. This is why pain medicine is not the only thing that a dying patient should be given in times of death. Instead, much comfort and support from medical officials and loved ones should be given. For example, Barney Spivack, M.D. and director of Geriatric Medicine for Stanford Health System, concludes, ;The best defense against pain is a combination of education and assertiveness;. Thi…

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