There are many different changing forms of the word death.Bereavement, dying, decay, devastating, demolish, the end, termination, and many many more. Webster's describes death as the act of dying, a termination of life.Where as I describe death as a release from pain and suffering, and a long awaited reunion of lost souls.
A release from pain and suffering would be implicated towards those with terminal illnesses, those who suffer in comas, or those living with medical complications where there is no relief.It is a great deal of sorrow for those who have lost someone to death but a great sense of relief for their loved ones pain has departed.
Death can be a long awaited reunion for those who have lost a loved one or ones. Death in the eyes of the elderly is awaited for they get to meet the loved ones they have lost along the way in life.A blessed reunion of souls.It still leaves all those here, in life, in grief, but again they are relieved that they have gone to a better place and are with ones that they love.To love and be loved.
The definition of death varies from person to person, the different places you go.In death, some people find life for the ones who have lost their loves to death.In my opinion I believe that Webster should change their definition to something with more zest and adore for those who have past because they are never really dead if you still love them and remember them for all time.

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