Dealing with terrorists

There are many different ways to fight terrorism, but two of them stand out more than the others.One way involves diplomacy and the belief that if you give in to terrorists' demands they will leave you and your people alone.The other way includes diplomacy too, but there is a lot more ass kicking and name taking involved.One might think that there would be an agreed upon method to take on terrorism, but ideas and opinions on the subject vary as much as the terrorists reasons for hating their victims.
Some people think appeasing terrorists is cool.Parts of the world have appeased evildoers before, and they are doing it now too.Neville Chamberlain, the once Prime Minister of Great Britain, thought it was cool too.In the late Twenty's and early Thirty's, he and other world leaders where being nice or diplomatic or whatever, and let Hitler build an awesome war machine that terrorized Europe. Their inactions threatened the freedom of the rest of the world.Earlier this year in Madrid, Spain terrorists bombed a train station and killed 190 people getting on and getting off of the public transportation system.The national elections were days away and the party in the lead saw the election shift in favor of their opponent because their opponent thought it would be cool to just leave the terrorists alone.
The end result of all this appeasing was millions of Jews dead, billions of dollars in damage, and an overall not cool situation.Appeasement did not work, and other people had to come in and help defend Great Britain.In the end, a good majority of Europe had to be liberated.That was not cool.The result of the Spanish elections showed that the terrorists' actions had most definitely influenced a whole nation to placate the terrorists.
On the other hand, preempting terrorist actions can seem cool too.Although it depends on whom you ask.Some will say, "They hav

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