De Broglie’s Theory

Prince Louis-Victor Pierre Raymond de Broglie
De Broglie was born August 15, 1892.
He is the son of Victor Duc de Broglie and Pauline d;Armallie.
He studiedat the Lycee Janson of Sailly, he graduated from there in
He got his degree in history in 1910.
He gained his science degree inin 1913, after discovering he had a
He was conscripted for military services and posted to the wireless
section of the army, where he remained for the remaining of the war
During his time in the war he was stationed in the Eiffel Tower, where
he devoted his spare time to the study oh technical problems.
Once the war ended De Broglie resumed his studies of general
While following his older brother;s steps, de Broglie, he specialized in
theoretical physics and in the study of problems involving quanta.
In 1924, at the Faculty of Sciences in Paris University he delivered a
thesis Recherches sur la Theorie des Quanta (Researches on the
quantum theory), which gained him his doctor;s degree.
If light waves can behave like a stream of particles(photons), then
perhaps particles such as electrons can posses wave properties.
According to de Broglie, an electron bound to the nucleus behaves
like standing waves.Standing waves can be generated by plucking,
say, a guitar string.The waves are described as standing, or
stationary, because they do not travel along the string.Somepoints
on the string , called nodes, do not move at all; that is, the amplitude
of the wave at these points is zero.There is a node at each end, and
there may be nodes between the ends.The greater the frequency of
the vibration, the shorter the wavelength of the standing wave and the
In other words, de Broglie proposed that, like light, ordinary particles

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