Daring to Dream; Holding the Dream; Finding the Dream

The only problem I had with this book is Laura’s story seems to be incomplete. By that I mean, the other two girls, Margo and Kate, came before her, so in the later stories NR would lend glimpses into their lives. Margo and her true love and doing this, or Kate and her new love are going to do this. Since Laura is the final story we don’t get that little extr bit of fun! Maybe Roberts will write about their children though. This was a great light read. The romance was plausible and the characters were realistic, something many romance books don’t give us. I am a big fan of these trilogies that Roberts writes and it was nice to get all three books in one here. In the past, I will buy one book, find out it is part of a series and THEN find out the other books won’t come out for months. I hate waiting! If you are a romance fan than I certainly recommend this book.

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