Dangerous Cloud Hangs over Great Barrier Reef

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Dangerous Cloud Hangs over Great Barrier Reef
In Australia around the coral reefs, water clarity has significantly diminished over the past 50 years. The cloudiness is the water is due to the runoff of nitrogen, and other pollutants from farming, and land clearing.
Ben Cropp a man who has been diving since the 1950's around the reefs, and who filmed a documentary titled "The Coral Reefs are Dying" talks about the reefs. " To get what's happened, you have to go to the older divers, because around the world the plunge [in water clarity], the majority of it, occurred 20 years ago or more. If you knew the corals before the plunge, well, it has been dramatic."
Nearly 60% of reefs all around the world are considered at high to moderate risk from pollution, global warming of seawater and over fishing. The Australian Institute of Marine Science (AIMS) notes that the Barrier reefs stretches 1,200 miles, and that these statements are not effecting the whole reef only certain parts. The AIMS also notes that nutrients flowing from rivers onto the reef are almost 4 times the natural level.
In Australia 750,000 acres of land a year are being destroyed and wetlands are being filled in. The effects of these two events by man are causing damage to the reefs. Peter Bell, a University of Queensland environmental engineering professor sums it all up; "Thefirst step is to admit the problem is the way we're using our land. It's more of a political science problem than a science problem."
–This article relates to our activities and discussion in class on the effects of nitrogen on the environment, especially in the water. The Coral Reefs are a delicate feature of our environment, that need to be preserved and looked after. I feel this issue is extremely important for the simple fact that Australia is host to the Gre…

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