In "Killing immune cells thwarts arthritis", written by John Travis is an experiment discussing the hypothesis and experimentation of Jonathan C. Edwards of The University College London. The topic was rheumatoid arthritis which affects 2.5 million people in the United States. Edwards hypothesis was that the condition stems from bad luck. This all meaning that the body generates millions of B-cells each day. If by bad luck B-cells make antibodies to themselves and other antibodies then this chaos would cause the disease rheumatoid arthritis. Edwards experimentation required the depletion of B-cells, thus eliminating the disease. After much research needed to provide the safety of the patients' health, Edwards began with his experiment. Edwardsfirst used twenty patients who had carried the disease for an average of twenty-two years of age and failed to drug treatment. Three drugs were then given to the patients: a B-cell killing antibody and two compounds that suppress new B-cell formation. After the completion of the experiment eighteen of the patients resulted with less pain and symptoms of the disease. Overall, Edwards hypothesis and experiment was a success.
This article reflects on the class discussions in various ways. First, by the scientific method. The steps were followed as instructed properly. Also discussions over biological organization and the formation of cells to make tissue. B-cells are being discussed within the article and it directly relates to the hierarchy of biological organization. The last point that relates to class discussion is that B-cells produce antibodies which in turn fight off unwanted diseases such as cancer.
Reading an article for AP biology helps me relate to many different topics and expand my thinkingand relating of experiments to mind and in turn benefits me. As experimented by Jonathan Edwards, the hypothesis followed harmoniously along with the experiment tak…

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