Cyprus : An overview

Cyprus is an island country located in the Middle East, the third largest island in the Mediterranean Sea. The longitude and latitude of Cyprus are approximately 35N, 33E. The total area of the island nation, including water area is 5,895 sq. km of Greek-Cypriot area, and 3,355 sq. km of Turkish Cypriot area. Cyprus is about 60% of the size of Connecticut. The coastline of Cyprus is approximately 648 km. The people of Cyprus live in a Mediterranean climate, with hot, dry summers, and cool, wet winters. Cyprus is a very hilly mountainous country. They highest point, Mount Olympus, located in the Troodos mountain range, rises majestically 1,952 m above the Mediterranean sea, the lowest point on Cyprus. Several natural resources and products of Cyprus are : pigments, gypsum, salt, wood, copper, pyrites, asbestos, and marble. 17% of the land is appropriate for farming, whereas only about 30% of this land is used.
The population of Cyprus is roughly 754,064 people, compared to about 1 to 2 million living in Philadelphia. About 65% of the population is working age(between ages 16 and 65), while 24% is under 15 years old, and 11% over 65 years old. The population growth rate is approximately 0.67%, with a birth rate of 13.64/1000, and a death rateof 7.42/1000. The life expectancy for men is 74.91 years, and 79.39 years for women. For every woman, about 2 children are born. 78% of the population is Greek-Cypriot, 18% is Turkish-Cypriot, and 4% is neither. 78% of the population is also Greek Orthodox, 18% is Muslim, and 4% is neither. Greek and Turkish are the two official languages, but English is widely spoken, also. About 94% of the population over the age 15 can read and write.
Cyprus is broken up into two areas, both politically, and socially. The northern(Turkish) area refers to itself as The Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus. The southern (Greek) area refers to itself as The Republic of Cyprus. The southern half refers to its…

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