Cuttlefish and Squid Jets of the Ocean

When most people think of marine life, they imagine fish-like
creatures, swimming through the deep waters with a swish of the fin.
However, there is another class of animal that uses a very different form
of locomotion.Instead of the more common “finned” animals, these
creatures use a kind of jet propulsion to moveâ€"a method of locomotion that
is surprisingly effective.Two of these animals are the squid and the
The squid is one of the fastest animals that use jet
propulsion.[1]Indeed, the squid is so fast that it can reach speeds of up
to 30km/h.[2]The actual mechanism by which the squid moves in this way is
by expanding their muscular mantle and filling it with water.The animal
then contracts this mantle, expelling the water forcefully through an
opening known as a siphon.Interestingly, the squid controls its direction
by changing the direction of the siphon.
The cuttlefish uses jet propulsion as well in its locomotion by
drawing water through its mantle opening and contracting the muscles in
that mantle (like the squid), while making a tight seal around the head,
allowing the water to be forced through the funnel in a jet.Further, like
the squid, the cuttlefish can move its valve opening through which the jet
flows in any direction, allowing it to control its direction.However, the
Jet propulsion is a very interesting form of locomotion for marine
life.Indeed, many consider it to be the inspiration for the modern marine
jet engine (as well as the air jet engine).Although many forget that not
all of the “swimming” marine animals use fins to swim, the squid and the
cuttlefish are excellent examples of the diversity of the sea.

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