Cutting Up Morals

Cutting Up Morals
Dissection should not be introduced in the lower education levels. It can damage personal morals of young developing minds, isn't good for the creatures involved, and is senseless since there are now several alternatives just as educational. It is also something that can affect every person differently and should not be part of a regular curriculum. Students who do wish to dissect as training for a future career should only be able to do so in higher education when they are old enough to really know what would be okay for them, not as immature students in high school or middle school.
As children, everyone is brought up with some form of morals. They are taught to respect life and not to take it for granted. What happens when you take a middle or high school student, who happens to be but a child, with these morals fresh in their minds and shove a once breathing, life-filled creature surrounded with the cringing aroma of formaldehyde in front of their face? Then a razor is placed in their hand. This can leave any humane person confused. I remember being forced to dissect a pregnant rat in 9th grade. All the kids were playing around and cutting off the tails to "learn" of it's value. I sat horrified as my science teacher grasped the frail bodies of three fetal mice, pulling the leg off of one. She simply stated "oops" like it was no big deal that four lives were just stripped helplessly from this earth. No one learned anything from this. Every single student failed the test and final exam over the anatomy of the rat. All they learned was that it was ok to cut up a mouse's tail and disrespect death. This could be where the corruption of serial killers and such possibly evolve. Now, I am not saying that this is really how it always works, but who's to say it couldn't?
Where do these animals come from anyway? The millions of frogs, rats, infant pigs, and cats could come from …

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