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The United States of America is greatly represented by a red, white,
and blue symbol that we call a flag. Our flag stands proud probably now
more than ever. It not only stands for our freedom but also for bravery,
unity, and patriotism. Our flag is what we wave high in times of war and
what we stand up and pledge to everyday at school. Our flag separates the
United States from the rest of the world.
The flag of the United States stands for our independence and
freedom if nothing more. It is what our country made after we declared our
independence from Britain. Every time we see a flag raised or pledge to a
flag we are doing this to remind us of what we hold so dear and close to
us, and that is our freedom. On our flag are thirteen stripes that represent
each of the thirteen colonies that gained their independence in 1776 after
the signing of the Declaration of Independence.
The flag of the United States of America also stands not only for the
present but also for our history. Our flag stands for the bravery that
hundreds of thousands of men had when they marched onto the battlefield
to fight the wars that led to our independence. And the courage they had
to stand up to a country and fight for what they believed in. There also may
be an underlying message in our flag, that may be the white stripes on our
flag may stand for the flags the British raised when they surrendered. And
the red stripes may be a reminder of the bloodshed and the loss of lives
that took place in order to gain our independence.
In addition to our freedom, the flag of the United States of America
stands for the unity of our nation. It is not just the unity of the "American"
people but also of the different cultures and ethnicities that live in this
beautiful nation. For example, we see now how the different cultures that

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