Custom Harvesting

Custom harvesting is usually associated with the harvesting of wheat in North America.Actually, custom harvesting is needed for all kinds of different crops.Custom harvesting is the cutting of a farmer's crop by a custom harvester and not the farmer himself.Custom harvesters are people that do the harvesting for the farmers.Custom harvesters endure many different things during their work.Harvesters work long hours and spend various amounts of time away from home.They hire crews and entrust a lot of their livelihood in these crews. An average custom harvesters year is broken up into three parts; the wheat harvest, the fall harvest, and the down time during the winter.
Custom harvesters own their own machinery.Harvesters all have some type of combine with header attachments, some type of truck, and some type of trailer.Combines are usually new, so they do not breakdown a lot.Harvesters do not want their equipment to breakdown, because time is truly money in the custom harvesting business.The number of combines a harvester owns depends on how many acres they do for farmers in a years time. Harvesters own various combinations of header attachments that are attached to the front of the combine.The types of header attachments that a custom harvester owns are based on what kind of crops they harvest.For example, if they harvest corn, they use a corn head.If they harvest soybeans, they use a flex-head.If they harvest wheat, they use hard platforms, etc.Harvesters have different types of trucks.They either use a semi or a straight truck.A semi is a tractor-trailer combination.A straight truck is the tractor with the body stretched out and a dump box put on it.Harvesters have various types of trailers.There are trailers used to haul one or two combines, and other trailers used to haul the headers.They need to haul their equipment, because they spend part of the year moving aro

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